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Commercial Construction

QUALITY FROM BEGINNING TO END. From laying out the foundation of a commercial building to the decorative floors and finishes, Keller Construction is proud of their quality and experience. We are constantly upgrading equipment, certifications and education in the latest techniques and job-site safety.

Specialist in Commercial Concrete

Form Footings – Foundations – Floors – Gang Forming – Decorative Concrete – Stamped and Colored Concrete – Concrete Staining. Keller Construction’s laser screed and riding trowels have helped obtain our reputation and specialty in SUPER FLAT FLOORS.
Our dedicated concrete team is always working to  improve their training with the latest innovations. We are dedicated to quality control and have out preformed many larger Companies.


Decorative Concrete

Keller Construction has work on projects with architectural concrete, decorative form liners, free-form rocks and waterfalls, to stamped, colored and stained floors.

Simplot Square


Keller Construction is equipped to layout and excavate foundations and install gravel base for commercial floors and buildings. We can furnish all excavation for residential construction and development.



Keller Construction has a development division and trust that has successfully developed both commercial and residential property for subdivision and future buildings. Check our Link to Developed Properties. Tierra_Development


General Contracting

We have built many commercial and residential projects as a General Contractor. Our advantage is our expertise and in-house performance of the concrete, excavation, and  all rough and finish carpentry.


Design Build

Taking a project from conception to finish requires a team of experts. We do not have in-house architects for commercial projects, but our draftsmen can take a project through the conception  phase and save on Architectural fees. We have designed and built many residential projects in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Boise over the years.

House concept

Construction Management

Construction manager contracts vary in levels of risk and scope of service. The advantages are builders working for the owner to manage the job, saving time and working to design within a strict budget. Projects can be completed in phases with increased coordination.  Cost savings will reduced construction time, design, coordination, and fewer disputes, claims and delays.

 Commercial Framing

Self-Perform Framing insures quality in the construction project. Many of our Carpenters work both in our Concrete and Framing phases, with the ability to also do fine finish work. This insures a better job all around.


Residential Housing

The principals of Keller Construction are second and third generation Housing Construction experts; having designed and built many homes in Idaho for close to 50 years. Keller Construction has designed and built  a passive solar home, and are working daily to stay up with the latest modern green technology.  KC has also designed apartments with strict budgets to fit the rental economy of the time with award winning “Super Good Cents” energy-efficient building certifications.






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